Zoom classrooms

Zoom classrooms are online classroom sessions conducted on the application named Zoom. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, the entire educational system is making a downturn due to the shutting of physical infrastructures like classrooms in schools, coaching institutes, School Analytics, and zoom classrooms that have gained prominence.

The online method of education was initially deemed difficult for teachers who have had no access to the online infrastructure at school. The use of technology took them some time to adapt. In zoom classrooms, all the classes and content materials are shown to the students who act as participants through the web camera. The teacher or organisational institute serves as the host.

The application also provides question-and-answer sessions for the instructors and students in the form of a Q&A tool. Zoom classrooms also offer breakout spaces for students, and teachers can divide them into smaller multiple groups for activities, brainstorming, or project works related to the class. The privileges like screen sharing or voice sharing are shared with the host, and they can choose the option as per their convenience.

Post pandemic world has prepared itself for any eventuality, and so has the education sector. In this case, zoom classrooms are a boon for students and teachers everywhere.