Bachelor of Library Science: Know All About It

The stream of study that deals with the science of managing books and other materials in the library are called Library Science. Bachelor of Library Science is an undergraduate course designed specifically for students who want to pursue their interest in learning library science laws and their impact as a branch of society. Bachelor of Library Science is also known as Library and Information Science (LibISc).

The course duration is of one year. Admission to the course is secured either on a merit basis or by entrance examination. It depends on the higher education policy of the institute which one is applying. The librarian’s job is less demanding and is more peaceful and stress-free. There are no strict timelines related to the work, and the calm environment inside the library helps one relax throughout the day. In fact, librarians find it easy to take time to read multiple things throughout the day, as they have all the materials at their disposal. 

Besides, it is an indoor job and saves one from arduous labour and living in strenuous conditions required in outdoor work. The students pursuing a Bachelor of Library science course may be necessary to have the good problem-solving ability, analytical thinking, School Analytics, and supervising jobs in the library. Besides, they should be digitally literate and good communicators. The average pay scale reported for fresher in Bachelor of Library Science is around ₹2.1 Lakhs per year, which increases with years of experience.