Bachelors of Education

A Bachelor of education is a professional degree that teaches about the art of teaching and prepares students to become a teacher either in school or in college. Few countries also mandate certifications and B.Ed. programs necessary for the completion of the program.

B.Ed. was previously known as B.T., which is the bachelor of teaching. The principle and “way of teaching” are given to aspiring teachers in this methodology. 

One has to successfully pass the 10 + 2 examination for entry into B.Ed. courses. Generally, students with art stream like history, civics, geography, political science, and languages. Students pursuing humanities are expected to go in the field of arts only, and the same applies to the science stream. India has mandated the need for a B.Ed. degree for teaching in the school’s secondary and higher secondary sections. 

As India has a vast children population still out of school, quality teachers must be produced after adequate training in such courses so that they can impart quality education to the children as well. Besides, the introduction of the right to education has also induced parents and students to expect good teaching even in the government school, School Management System.

After a student successfully passes the B.Ed. course, they may easily pursue an M.Ed. course that is a master of education from any training and education institute in India.