Back to basics

Back to basics is the learning method where the basics of any subject are emphasised. Generally, students try to jump directly on major topics important for examination without focusing on the basics required to build the foundation for the topic.

In such conditions, the topic becomes incomprehensible and difficult to understand for the students. The students try to escape the fundamentals of a subject and skip directly to important and high-level topics, further causing inefficiency in learning.

Many schools worldwide have introduced back to basics in the regular curriculum so that the students learn the fundamental of arithmetic, grammar, vocabulary, etc., suited to build a better educational learning method. However, due to the crunch in the general school timings, it’s sometimes difficult to adjust back to basics classes in the regular routine.

However, many studies also suggested that going back to basics should not concentrate only on arithmetic, writing, School Analytics or reading but should also focus more on creativity, numeracy, reading, writing, and health and nutrition for the holistic development of children. The task-based approach and student-friendly techniques that form part of the basics could help improve the quality of the study.