Free School Management Software

Education has progressed rapidly with technological advancements. Now, you are no longer required to complete routine tasks at school on your own. For all of your administrative and non-administrative activities, you can trust this excellent software solution called School Management Software by eduTinker. It assists you in efficiently and effectively managing everything in your school.

It is a central web software system that automates activities in both the front and back offices and allows a school to function more rapidly and efficiently. It streamlines operations, removes barriers, and enables the school to operate smoothly and profitably.

There are numerous advantages. With just one software system, you can manage many things, such as. 

  1. Handle admissions and manage them.
  2. Examination Management
  3. Online billing
  4. Distribution of salaries
  5. Generation of invoice
  6. Online Registrations
  7. Payroll maintenance
  8. Track student’s progress and performance.
  9. Attendance management

10.  Fees and finance management.All thanks to eduTinker’s School Management Software, everything becomes efficient, automated, and effortless. eduTinker provides complete and feature-rich school management software for all educational institutes. This school management software is used in schools, colleges, and universities for learning, administration, and management. Our free school management software keeps track of everything from admissions to attendance, exams, and report cards.