HSC Exam in India

Higher Secondary Certificate, or HSC, is a two-year programme in classes XI and XII that prepares students for the higher secondary exam. The three streams are science, commerce, and the arts. Students can also select from a wide range of combinations, including life sciences, only natural sciences, and different business courses. Students must successfully pass 40% of 6 courses in 5 subjects in order to pass the  HSC  exams. There are 30 points left in the science courses for the practical exams, and students are graded according to their percentage score of 100.

In India, the Higher Secondary Certificate board goes by the full name HSC. In India, there are currently 52 approved boards serving 30 states. For instance, West Bengal is home to six different boards, including the Council of Rabindra Open Schooling, the State Council of Vocational Education & Training, the Council of Higher Secondary Education, the Board of Primary Education, the Board of Secondary Education, the Board of Madrasah Education, and the Council of Rabindra Public Schooling. Higher Secondary or HSC is the last board, School Management System, and the majority of boards are associated with the states. After that, the student is accepted into the college.

Subjects included in HSC are as follows:

The following subjects make up the majority of the art courses:

The study of politics





These are the important papers that make up the science discipline:





Data Science in Computer Science

The following subjects are included in the full version of the HSC commerce paper, which has a wide range of disciplines:



Commercial Mathematics

Legal Business and Business Studies