Humanities Stream

After the tenth grade, students often choose to major in the humanities, sometimes known as the arts. For learners with theoretical backgrounds, this course is excellent. History, geology, cultural studies, psychology, sociology, and other sciences are only a few examples.

The general description of the stream and the topics it covers are below:


The academic discipline of social science focuses on the scientific investigation of human society. It is a wide category that includes several fields of study that are outside the purview of the natural sciences, including languages, political science, economics, geography, archaeology, School Analytics, and anthropology.


Humans can better understand their cultural origins by studying history. For the simple reason that everything in the world has a history and that history has impacted its current state in many ways, one can investigate the past of anything in the world.


Geography is the study of the planet’s lands, terrain, people, and natural phenomena.

Studying this topic include looking at the spatial aspects of both natural and human occurrences, looking at places and regions, looking at how people and the land interact, and looking into earth sciences.

Political Science

Political science  focuses on the analysis and description of political systems and political behaviour in addition to the study of political theory and practise.

We can examine issues involving the distribution and transfer of authority in decision-making, the functions and governance structures of governments and other international organisations, political conduct, and public policy by using our knowledge of political science.