IGCSE full form

Many students do not know the full form of gcse, but the International Certificate of General Secondary Education is the full form of Igcse. It promises learning through real-world connections and exploration where questions play a central role. IGCSE helps students to explore more, ask questions and analyze which helps students understand different things in the world. It is one of the most famous courses in the world. It develops important pedagogical skills, including cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, intellectual memory, oral skills, initiative and teamwork. In India, Igcse is recognized by CBSE and many other state education boards as a qualification for admission to class 11 or upper secondary education. In India, Igcse is equivalent to a 10th class qualification and is one of the prerequisites for admission to undergraduate programs in India. The language of instruction is English to develop students’ good communication and oral skills. It provides students with more knowledge than any other board in India.