On the recommendations of the Second Central Pay Commission, the Government of India authorised the Kendriya Vidyalayas (Central Schools) Scheme in November 1962. It was suggested that the government create a plan to provide continuous education to the children of transferable Central Government employees. As a result, the Ministry of Education of the Government of India established the Central School Organisation.

During the academic year 1963-64, 20 Regimental Schools, which were then operating in areas with high concentrations of defence personnel, were converted to Central Schools.

Kendriya Vidyalaya is an educational institution in India. On December 15, 1965, Sangathan was incorporated under the Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860). The Sangathan’s major goal is to construct, endow, maintain, govern, and manage Central Schools (Kendriya Vidyalayas) throughout India and overseas. Sangathan is entirely funded by the Indian government.Learning Management System.

Mission :

The four-fold mission of the Kendriya Vidyalayas is to:

To provide a common educational programme for the children of transferable Central Government employees, including Defence and paramilitary personnel; to pursue excellence and set the pace in the field of school education, and to initiate and promote experimentation and innovations in education in collaboration with other bodies such as the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

To foster a sense of “Indianness” among children by encouraging a spirit of national cohesion.