NMEICT stands for National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology. It is envisaged as a scheme sponsored by the Central Government of India to leverage the full potential of Information and Communication Technology, in the teaching and learning process for the benefit of learners in higher education

The key objective behind this was to increase the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) by 5 % in Higher education during the XI Five year plan. Through NMEICT, the Government aimed to include the three central principles of education i.e. equity, access, and quality by providing connectivity to all colleges and universities imparting higher education and providing affordable computing devices to students and teachers along with free-of-cost e-learning content. 

There is a huge gap that still exists between the quality of education (which includes infrastructure, content, and even the quality of teachers) in the urban and rural areas of India. Through the NMEICT scheme, the Government of India through its centrally sponsored scheme envisaged to bridging this gap.

The scheme plans to utilize the full potential of ICT by providing e-learning facilities like virtual laboratories, School Analytics, online testing, and certification, online teachers and mentors across institutions, and utilization of education satellite ( eduSAT) and direct-to-home platforms. Edutinker is aligned in its vision to fully exploit ICT for imparting the highest level of education to schools across India through its technology systems.