Notes making is a critical component of studies that begins straight from our school life. When one is a kid, the lessons of noting down teachings in a class start, and it gets carried on to higher education and even in jobs, where one has to jot down ideas for effective strategizing.

Note-making can be defined as taking down the essential points or something a student might consider necessary in a regular class. It acts as a reference point for revision and updating future additions to the same notes. Besides, it comes in handy during the examination when one does not have enough time to go through every word written in a textbook.

There are three essential factors in making great notes-

  1. Do not write everything told in class– It is essential to demarcate between what needs to go into the final notes as a pointer and what can be kept in mind.
  2. Always keep extra space- While making notes on pen and paper, one must be mindful of the future addition to the note. The online mode of notes making provides an advantage in this case, as amendments can be done at any point in time.
  3. Maintain Clarity– As notes making is a fast process, one should be clear about their writing. Even if something gets missed out, you can clarify it at a later stage- with the teacher or fellow mates. One must not write anything out of the blue, as it will not make any sense during revisions. Read more about Learning Management System.