Punjab School Education Board(PSEB)

Punjab School Education Board(PSEB) was founded on 25th November 1969 in Mohali, Punjab. The board was established under a legislative act of the Government of Punjab to look after the curriculum taught in the School Analytics of the Punjab state. They are also responsible for conducting examinations, providing students with scholarships, and publishing textbooks. In 1987, PSEB was granted the right to become an autonomous body by the Vidhan Sabha.

The board is run by a Chairman who has a tenure of a total of three years, must always report to the Secretary of School Education in the Government of Punjab. The main objective of this board is to develop and promote education provided in schools in the state of Punjab. Their main responsibility is to conduct the exams of secondary and higher secondary classes. 

PSEB has a complete pack of academic wings, comprising subject experts in all the major subjects taught under the board. The responsibility of the wings is to prepare and go through the syllabus regularly and then proceed to publish textbooks.