Short note on tech-savvy

Being tech-savvy entails being more competent with modern technology, particularly computers. Being tech-savvy is extremely important today, as most things in the twenty-first century run online. It also refers to digital literacy, the ability to use electronic devices such as computers or smartphones to connect to the internet. The user can use the internet to explore, generate, maintain, review, and evaluate data through various digital platforms such as web pages, magazines, School Analytics, and social media websites, among others. In the education sector, literacy is measured not by whether students think about it, but by what they can do with it. For instance, a student may not be required to follow how the internet works but rather how to use it to solve an assignment while also learning CBSE grading something new. In today’s world, where everything is done online, it is critical that both the pre-B. Ed’s teachers and students are tech-savvy and can manage processes such as online teaching and learning smoothly. We hope you understand what we mean by “tech-savvy.”