Short note on TGT

TGT is an abbreviation for Trained Graduate Teacher. TGT refers to a teacher who has completed their teaching training. TGT is not training, but it is a graduate who has received training in teacher education. If a person is a graduate with a B.Ed, he is a TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher), and there is no requirement for teacher training to qualify as a TGT.

TGT teachers are qualified to teach students in grades below the tenth, School Management System, including students in class ten. The required standards are listed below.

·       A postgrad degree from a recognized university is required for application to the TGT entrance examination A

·       Trained graduate teachers have a maximum age limit of 35 years.

·       Teachers with a postgraduate degree and TGT are known as PGTs (Postgraduate Trained Teachers) and are permitted to teach classes above the 10th grade in School Management System.