SSA full form in education

SSA is formally known as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. It is a centrepiece initiative for the Government of India’s Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE) plan. Additionally, the 86th amendment to the Indian Constitution mandates it as one of the essential rights.

According to the SSA, the state must provide children aged 6 to 14 with free and required education. People are entitled to foundational education. Basic education helps to raise the human condition, particularly in infant mortality and life expectancy, which considerably boosts the nation’s economy. It results in human capital development, which might raise our nation’s production capacity.

Along with encouraging community involvement in school administration, SSA seeks to reduce socioeconomic, regional, and gender inequalities by providing practical and primary education. It also instils value-based learning, or value-based learning objectives, which provide the kids the chance to indulge in selfish goals while simultaneously cooperating for one another’s wellbeing.