What Benefits of LMS Portal?

LMS Portals provides a cloud-based inter Learning Management System for corporate users and partners (LMS). The clients and partners can create and deploy custom-branded eLearning portals to promote all aspects of corporate Learning Management System, quickly and easily. Each portal can be recognized and customized to a specific audience, and your eLearning environments can be managed from a single centralized console.

Benefits of the LMS Portal

·       The company’s clients and partners benefit from a SaaS-based platform with customized branding. Powerful course development tools that support multiple formats, including MP4, HTML5, YouTube, Vimeo, documents, images, and more.

·       Manage user access with the Invitation system, and use the in-platform messaging system to drive bi-directional communication between students and instructors.

·       Use SCORM assimilation to collect and analyze important data about students’ usage and performance. Incorporate in-platform quizzes to supplement and confirm student learning.

·       In-platform reporting that is powerful enough to ensure student participation, performance, and course completion.·       Ideal for corporate users and consulting/partner organizations looking to monetize expertise through customized eLearning.