What is the full form of MBBS?

MBBS, also known as Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery, is 5 years and 6 months undergraduate medical program for students who want to pursue a career in the medical field as a doctor. MBBS is a professional degree needed to become a doctor, prescribe medicine, diagnose diseases, and conduct surgery. MBBS has been abbreviated from a Latin word called, Medicinae baccalaureus Baccalaureus Chirurgiae. The total number of seats available in this program is 91927, of which 52% are reserved for government seats and 48% are private. Admission to MBBS takes place after a student clears the NEET exam. A student must be 17 years or above and have studied subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology as compulsory subjects in class 12. Colleges rule out their merit list for MBBS admission based on the NEET scores. The course has 19 subjects followed by 6 months of internship. A candidate has several job opportunities after completing their MBBS and can practice as a doctor in private or government hospitals, railways, and armed forces. learn more about Admission Management.