What is the Ministry of Human Resource Development?

The importance of Human Resource Development in education plays a significant role in balancing the socio-economic part of the country. As the citizen of India are the most valuable resources, the nation requires nurturing and care in the form of education to achieve a better quality of life. Education development will result in the all-around emergence of our citizens. To fulfil this mission, the Ministry of Human Resource Development was established on September 26th, 1985, through the 174th amendment to the Government of India Rules, 1961. Presently, the MHRD works with two departments-

·   Department of Higher Education

·   Department of School Education & Literacy

Department of School Education and Literacy is responsible for developing school education and literacy in the country. The department focuses on ‘the universalization of education and making a better life for the citizen. For this, various initiatives and schemes are regularly taken up. On the other hand, the Department of Higher Education focuses on one of the world’s largest higher education systems after the US and China. It is engaged in bringing the world with world-class opportunities for higher education and research to the country that Indian students find helpful. learn more about School Management System.