What is the Sociology of Education?

The sociology of education is the study of any academic institution or any individual experience that has an impact on education and its outcomes. The sociology of education is concerned with general concepts such as society itself, culture, community, class, environment, socialization, internalization, accommodation, assimilation, cultural lag, subculture, status, role, and so forth. It deals with the analysis of educational situations in various geographical and ethnological contexts. For example, educational situations in rural, urban and tribal areas, in different parts of the country or world, with the background of different races, cultures, etc. It helps us to understand the effectiveness of different educational methods in teaching students with different kinds of intelligence. 

The sociology of education studies the effect of the economy on the type of education provided to the students for example education provided in IB, ICSE, SSC, and Municipal schools. It provides an understanding of the problems such as racism, communalism, and gender discrimination. 

To conclude, the sociology of education is the scientific analysis of the social processes and social patterns involved in the School Management System.