What is the Wardha Scheme of Education?

The Wardha Scheme of Education results from Mahatma Gandhi’s realization of India’s ineffective education system. In 1931, Mahatma Gandhi attended the Second Round Table Conference for the first time in London, where he spoke about the deterioration of the education system of India. He held British education policy responsible for the downfall of education in India. In 1937, Mahatma Gandhi wrote and published an article in the magazine ‘Harijan’ stating his viewpoints on the failing education system of India and also wrote about the schemes that could help expand the horizon of the education system to every part of society. During the 1937 elections, the Indian National Congress candidates addressed free and compulsory education, School Management System, and after the win, they took forward Gandhi’s education scheme. Moreover, congress also proposed the scheme with some alterations. Thus three resolutions were passed in the Wardha Education Conference held on October 22nd and 23rd, 1937-

·       Nationwide Free and Compulsory Education for 7 years

·       Mother tongue to be the medium of instruction and communication

·       Education to be centered around manual and productive work, not the degree and examination.