Yearly curriculum

A yearly curriculum refers to a set of educational materials, topics, and objectives that are designed to be covered within a year-long period of study. It outlines the specific learning outcomes that students are expected to achieve in a particular subject area or course over the course of a school year.

In primary and secondary schools, a yearly curriculum typically includes a range of subjects, such as math, science, English language arts, social studies, and physical education. The curriculum provides a framework for teachers to plan their lessons, select instructional materials, and assess student progress throughout the year.

In higher education, a yearly curriculum refers to the specific courses and requirements that students are expected to complete over the course of an academic year in order to meet the requirements for a degree program. This may include both required courses within a student’s major, School Analytics, as well as general education courses in other subject areas.

Overall, a yearly curriculum serves as a guide for educators and students, outlining the topics and objectives that will be covered throughout the year and providing a framework for instruction and assessment.