Role Of A School Principal

A School Principle

The principal is a person of significance in any school. Students and teachers look up to them for their leadership ability, communication skills, and articulation of one’s development. 

The role of a school principal is crucial, as it affects the lives of many stakeholders involved in the education system. Time remains an important factor in determining the effectiveness of a good principal. Their role is such that their presence and decision-making ability is required for almost everything in school. 

Functional Role of Principal

The functions of the principal range from managing the activities of students to deciding the curriculum for their studies. They are involved in the proactive functioning of the management, staff members, and teachers in the school. 


Besides, they act as logistic managers for the entire infrastructure keeping in note all the needs of a school in the coming days, setting learning goals for the students, and monitoring the teachers. It makes the role of school principals even more vital, as they handle utmost pressure to ensure the well-being of the students and staff members.

Role of a Principal  

In the role of a school principal, they act as- 

  1. Leaders– A good leader leads by example while boldly facing the result of their actions, successes, and failures. This is what the role of a principal embodies. Students and staff members should find examples of leadership value in them. This also furthers the cause of instilling leadership, among others. 

  1. Regulator– Their primary task is to regulate the discipline of students and teachers, which determines the overall hospitality of the school. At the same time, they are expected to be friendly toward the students so that they can easily communicate their problems. 

  1. Listener– Not only a good speaker, but the principal should also be an excellent listener. They should hear all sides before deciding on any school. 

  1. Teacher– Effective principals should never dissuade themselves from teaching. After all, only in the capacity of a teacher do they get to know the potential of the students and improve areas in the curriculum.

  1. Decision Makers– After proper inspection of the functioning of the school, they are responsible for identifying and making decisions regarding changes in rules and regulations. They make every stakeholder accountable for the school and its policies.

  1. Influencer–  Since principals are responsible for determining the school’s response and morally educating their students, they become progressive symbols of change in society. The relationship building and interaction for the principal are the highest, and so is their influence on society. A greater number of people can hear their advocacy on any matter.

  1. Manager– It is the principal’s responsibility to oversee the various departments of the school to safeguard all of the records, credentials, processes, and people involved therein. They monitor the results, plan as per the demands, and communicate with various stakeholders as per the need.

  1. Cheerleader– A successful principal is the one who successfully builds the student’s character. They are more or less responsible for supporting, motivating students of the school, and making them challenge themselves.

  1. Brand– A school is remembered by the face of the principal. They act as brand ambassadors and play a crucial role in how the school is portrayed in the public light and media.

  1. Critical Problem Solver- Principal acts as a problem solver for their schools, not only through what they think. The good ones are responsible for hearing out other opinions and making decisions based on their input.

Academic success and the school’s response toward a better society depend on the effective decisions made by the principal. They act as a front-line warrior and protect the system from untoward challenges. Even after facing difficulties in administration, the school principal strives to make a long-term solution to the problems. 

Though the role is very time-consuming and tiring, it is one of utmost responsibility and motivation to do better for others rather than oneself. The focal point of every decision made by the principal should be based on the well-being of students. After all, students have to be the top priority of every principal.