Skills Needed To Be An Effective Principal

an Effective Principal

With the education system making many turns in the syllabus, management, and overall curriculum, it is important to have an effective head to make the right decision for the organization. The shift of generalized schooling towards online school has again brought a significant series of challenges for people aspiring to or serving the principal position. A good principal can prove to be a bedrock for the efficient running of a school. Just like a plant holds its strength with the help of roots, the principal acts as the root for any school or college.


Rooting up for the cause taken at the school or college, being a chairperson for your students, or strengthening the foundations of the school inspires not only a current lot of students or staff members, but it sets a standard benchmark for others to follow in the future.


In such a role, one needs to understand what makes them apt for the principal role and what skills they need to do an efficient job.


Functional Role of Principal

  1. Run the management efficiently

  2. Ensure well being of the students on priority

  3. Make the school/ college reach the zenith

  4. Ensure timely class schedules and curriculum completion

  5. Maintain discipline among the students and staff members

  6. Establish the foundations on which school/college is built by setting an example

Skills Required To Be An Effective Principal  

The role of the principal is one of responsibility, and the decisions taken can impact many stakeholders. The positive decisions taken by a school principal can last for a lifetime and improve the school’s functioning at the macro level. There are some skills that individuals can develop in order to achieve success in a leadership position. Following are a few of them-


  1. Excellent Communication- People in the position of a school principal must have good communication skills. This ensures the trust among the staff about the management decision and for students to look forward to someone making their points without hesitating.

  1. Decision-Making Abilities– There may be a few times when you must choose the hard way or a softer one. Depending on the situation your school/ college is in, and in the best interest of all, it is necessary to be decisive and stand firmly with it.

  2. IT Skills- The pandemic era taught the educational system to ramp up Information Technology. The usage of laptops, computers, digital media, software, and hardware platforms for online schools has become so rampant that it is counted as one of the most needed skills to be an effective principal.

  3. Student Friendly- With the new generation’s ability to communicate with each other easily on social media and communication devices, the principal must be more student-friendly. This will ensure that they make the best decision for school, as the students can easily express their opinions and get easily convinced by them on certain important matters.

  4. Getting involved with the usual chores-  The school principal has the ability and power to be involved in everything going around campus. Even though a principal might not find enough time to be involved in relatively more minor or petty matters, it would be of no harm to do so at times. Be it checking the hygiene standards of water or food served at the canteen, looking if the syllabus has been adhered to, or if there can be more growth avenues for students.

  5. Promoting infrastructural development- At times, it is seen that some schools do not revamp the existing faulty infrastructure like laboratory equipment or the absence of newly published books in libraries. This can cost students in terms of knowledge and time. Regular inspection and development causes work for the best interest of the student and the school.

  6. Making Use Of Learning Management System The new digital infrastructural development made by edtech organizations like eduTinker, helps the school make data-driven decisions about any matter. It brings various stakeholders like principals, parents, and staff members on a single platform, bridging the communication gap and helping them make informed decisions.

  7. Prioritizing Matters- It may not come as a surprise to a person in the position of a school principal if many matters come up simultaneously. However, it is in their ambit to prioritize matters as per the need of the hour to ensure the smooth functioning of school or college.

  8. Ensuring moral development- Gone are those days when moral lessons were just a part of moral science class. In a dynamic world like today’s, it is essential to ensure that quality education is imparted to students, which maximizes societal development.

  9. Sustainable education- Students are considered to be the future of any society. With the current global environment taking a downturn, it is necessary to ensure sustainability in the education system. More emphasis on a greener environment in and near a school campus, electricity-saving habits among students like switching off the appliance when not in use, avoiding littering around the campus and reducing the use of plastic are a few steps in this regard.

 Need For A Skilled Principal 

The need for practical skills to become a principal is a must in today’s time, and it can only come with gradual improvement within oneself- as a leader or as a people person. Instead of being strict with the students or management, the required skills must be taught within oneself to become more approachable. The relation-building measure is one such important part of the process of becoming an effective principal.

Just like the roots have to be watered to maintain the strength of the overall plant, the skills need to be continuously updated with time. Anything ranging from regular feedback from different stakeholders to keeping the interest of school/ college or getting oneself trained to become a good leader will help in the cause.