Top 5 Factors to Look for When Choosing a School Management System

School Management System1

School management software is easy to choose, but finding a school management system that is right for your school is not. You must be thorough in your analysis of your requirements and financial resources. There is a lot of educational software on the market right now. How will you decide which one is best for your school?

If you don’t want to become the victim of poorly designed systems and waste valuable resources, we suggest you do your diligence on what makes a good school management system first. After that, make sure you identify your school’s needs and carefully consider these 5 factors to get the best solution to all your school management problems:

Easy to use

School ERP software should be created so that any stakeholder, be it a staff member or parent, can easily control its operation without the need for technical assistance. This should enable you to manage each school’s functions efficiently and productively.

Monitoring and tracking data

Without insight and predictive analysis, tracking and monitoring are nearly impossible. School management software should be designed so that it assists in keeping track of the school’s operations daily and doing proper analysis of every student. This will help your school minimize unproductive activities and create a sustainable management system.


In today’s virtual environment, data security is paramount. Make sure the school management system you opt for could provide adequate protection to all your school/school data, and there is no vulnerability in the system. A robust IP access control system, role-based permissions, single sign-on, and strong multi-factor authentication are all factors to consider.

Bridging the communication gap

School ERP software must be integrated with notification and two-way communication systems to enable smooth communication with school stakeholders like students, parents, and teachers. This will increase the transparency of your school and a better result in general, as there will be no margin for miscommunication.

Cloud-Based Solution

The best lesson that the pandemic has taught is that one should adopt and adapt to a cloud-based system for managing all activities in educational institutions. Using a cloud-based school management system empowers schools to manage data more efficiently and remotely and take care of daily school activities like conducting live classes, managing attendance and fee collection, etc. 

If you’re seeking the best school management software with all of the capabilities listed above, eduTinker is the way to go. EduTinker is a one-stop-shop for all of your concerns with its many features like:

Fee Management 

You can easily manage an educational institute’s finances with our school management system. Using the system, your school/ schools could collect fees quickly and provide students and parents with an enhanced experience.

Campus Management 

With eduTinker’s school management software, teachers can focus on students’ progress, parents can participate more in their children’s education, administrators can be more efficient, and decision-makers can find solutions quickly.

Administration & Human Resource Management 

Run schools more efficiently by reducing repetitive manual tasks. Using our school management system, you can streamline processes and simplify data flow to enhance management effectiveness.

Student Management 

Our school management system can manage the entire student life cycle online from pre-admission to graduation. Moreover, it helps teachers identify problem areas and guide students to improve their performance.

Communication Hub 

Students, parents, and staff can access data and communicate instantly using eduTinker’s school management software on web-enabled, iOS, and Android devices.

Reporting & Analytics

One of the most significant advantages of our school management system is to analyze real-time data & identify potential issues in service delivery for schools, thus increasing the efficiency of your school.

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