ENVS full form

EVS stands for Environmental Studies. As the name suggests, it is an environmental study that deals with the environment in which we live. Environmental components include everything that directly or indirectly supports human existence. These components can be living, such as plants, animals, or non-living components, such as soil, water, and air. Living components interact with their environment and adapt to environmental conditions.

ENVS is taught in schools as a subject but is also taught at higher education level. In addition, it is also used to solve everyday problems related to the environment and its components.

It is usually taught in primary School Analytics classes from 1st to 5th grade. Since then, it has been incorporated into science. It can be said to be the study of environmental science in which students acquire knowledge in disciplines and issues related to the natural environment and its relationship with humans. EBD includes not only the physical or biological characteristics of the environment, but also the social, cultural and other factors that influence the environment. It is an interdisciplinary academic field that systematically studies human-environment interactions. It also includes the relationship between the natural environment and the built environment. It is a broad subject area and includes various environmental studies such as Bachelors, Masters, etc.