Learning Tools for Students

Our 21st century has seen progression in every domain of the education sector. The methodology and objectives of learning have changed along with the tools needed. Books that formed an essential part of a student’s career are now replaced by online versions of the same, in the form of e-books. 

Let us throw light on various learning tools for students available-

1. Online Note Making– Various platforms like Evernote and Bit.ai have recently come up, providing faster, organised, and interactive note-making. Students don’t have to paste sticky notes or pages to take down additional notes, and they can simply append work online. 

2. EdTech platforms for E-learning– Students can attend courses and classes from the comforts of their homes. Learning Management System (LMS) provides a single-point platform for connecting students, teachers, parents, and school management. Besides, the school management system is another tool offered to academic institutions to monitor, supervise, and administer daily task online.

3. Study through Gaming tools– To make studying a fun activity, gaming tools like Kahoot have propped up, allowing students to compete against their classmates in a gaming environment. 

4. Presentations– Various tools like Microsoft PowerPoint and Prezi offer students an interactive learning method. It helps in focussing more on pictorial and data-based learning than theoretical knowledge. 5. E-Books– Online books are a friendlier version of the traditional kind of books that lacked pictorial representation and had to be carried everywhere. E-books have revolutionised the system as they are more accessible, interactive, and portable.