State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) was established on 5th January 1979 as a result of the transformation and gradation of the former State Institute of Education (SIE). The State Council of Educational Research and Training has a Programme Advisory Committee under the chairmanship of the Education Minister. 

The State Council of Educational Research and Training discharge the following functions: 

  1.  To organize and implement the special educational projects sponsored by UNICEF, NCERT, and other agencies for qualitative improvement of school education and teacher educator
  2.  To prescribe curricula and textbooks for the school and teacher training institutions
  3.  To produce instructional materials for the use of teacher-educators. 
  4. To arrange in-service training for different categories of teachers, inspect officers and teacher-educators, and coordinate the work of other agencies operating at the state level. 
  5.  To organize programs including Correspondence-cum- Contact Courses for professional development of teachers, teacher-educators, and inspecting officers
  1.  To supervise the working of the Teacher-Training Colleges, School Analytics, Secondary Training Schools, and Elementary Training Schools
  1. To provide extension service to Teacher-Training Institutions at all levels in the state. 
  1. To conduct studies and investigations on the various problems of education
  1.  To evaluate the adult and non-formal education programs entrusted by the Government.
  1. To conduct the public examinations, especially at terminal stages like the end of Class HI and Class IV, etc. to select candidates for scholarships through such examination