TGT Teacher

A TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) is a type of teacher in India who is qualified to teach at the secondary school level (classes VI to X) in government schools. TGT teachers typically hold a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant subject area and have completed a teacher training program. They are authorised to teach a specific subject or group of subjects, such as mathematics, science, social science, or languages.

The role of a TGT teacher includes planning and delivering lessons, evaluating student progress, and providing feedback to students and parents. They also play a key role in the overall development of students by providing guidance and support in areas such as discipline, personal development and social skills.

TGT teachers in India are employed by the government and are governed by the rules and regulations set by the state education department. They are also subject to regular performance evaluations and are required to participate in continuing education and professional development programs.

The recruitment process of TGT teacher usually involves a written examination and an interview, and they are generally appointed by the state education department or the board of secondary education.

In summary, TGT teachers play a vital role in the development and education of students in secondary schools in India. They are responsible for delivering high-quality instruction, fostering student engagement and progress, Fee Management, and contributing to the overall development of students.