The Abbreviation of SCERT

SCERT stands for State Council of Educational Research and Training. SCERT was established in 1988 in New Delhi. It was established with the purpose to provide enhancement at all levels of education. It aims at delivering active interactions between teacher educators and teachers at various levels of school education such as planning, research, and action research. 

SCERT has several branches of itself such as the Department of Pre-School and Elementary Education, the Department of Non-Formal Education, the Department of Curriculum Research and Special Curriculum Renewal Projects, the Department of Science and Mathematics Education, School Analytics, the Department of Teacher and Inservice Education, the Department of Art and Aesthetic Education and many more. 

  • SCERT aims to advise the Department of Education of the Haryana State Government to implement its policies and major programs in primary education. 
  • SCERT provides academic backup, leadership, guidance, and suggestions for the qualitative improvement of primary education by rebuilding educational content and practice.
  • SCERT organizes creative programs such as Science Fairs, Youth Parliament, and even Debate Competition and many more to promote the overall development of students.
  • SCERT aims at making changes in the primary education system in the state of Haryana.

Thus, SCERT has been a huge support to both teachers and students. They have over 30 Academic cells and two State Level Boards functioning under them. The Council is also known to provide training to headmasters and field and supervisory officials of the School Education.