What are the Benefits of a Leave Management System?

Leave Management System

In any educational setting, keeping track of absences and attendance is a crucial responsibility of the administrative team. The school’s ERP system now includes “leave management,” in contrast to when records had to be kept in a physical register. Any medium-sized institution would have between 70 and 100 employees, possibly even more, including teachers, the principal, assistants, the administrative team, and other visiting teaching staff to lead children’s sessions. Additionally, there may be 200 to 300 students, making it difficult to maintain an accurate attendance record.

Many schools worldwide have implemented one or the other type of ERP leave management software over the past 10 to 12 years for all the right reasons. With the growth of tech in many countries, including the UAE, GCC, Americas, Europe, and even India, automated processes are changing the administrator’s job role and making it simple for them to handle demanding tasks, particularly managing leave. The Next Learning Platform (NLP) is a well-known SaaS-based mixed learning platform that was the first of its kind in the world and offered its solutions to more than 1,200+ schools in 300+ cities. The tool has a wide range of customization options and boosts academic and professional productivity.

One of its services is an advanced “Leave Management system” that minimizes work and facilitates downloading attendance reports. In this blog, you will find some useful insight to leave management software and its benefits for any academic institution.

How Does the Traditional System of Leave Management Work?

The management of leave applications in schools is a time-consuming process. Coordination between different departments is required for this. It must be kept in mind that school management repeats these leaves frequently. On the other hand, management should also check the staff members’ leave records. The appropriate departments must receive this information.

In other words, this method takes up hours of administrative work because the extra communication makes their regular tasks more difficult. Any communication breakdown in this conventional leave management software also results in confusion and anarchy among the teachers and students.

Benefits of Leave Management System

The following are some benefits of a productive leave management system:

Monitor and record staff absences

The leave management software initially provides an admin with an overview of the effect of employees’ effectiveness based on their dedication to being on time, regularly completing their tasks, and not taking save amounts of unscheduled time off. By modifying and re-evaluating the leave policies, one can apply a filter and gain a functional understanding of whether the teaching assistants must have “red marks” or whether the helping staff needs a more responsible approach.

Keeping All Affected Parties Updated

Every academy has a unique structure for how many leaves are allotted under each category, such as personal, sick, casual, and maternity. When these are entered into the system, a notification is sent to the receiver, reminding them of any holiday season and the remaining leave time for which they are qualified. The accounts team is also given a timely update to process the payroll based on the actual results.

Provides Affordability

The Leave Management system requires little to no human interaction because it is fully automated. It integrates seamlessly with the school’s current ERP system. This lowers the price of resources and the high cost of hiring labor. Costs are reduced, but there is also a sizable time-saving.

Secure to Use

Any school IT solution contains sensitive data, including contact information for the parents, their yearly income, the children’s medical histories, academic records, and private employee data, among other things. Data security is of the utmost importance, and most eduTinker’s ERP systems include cutting-edge data encryption features to guard against unauthorized personal information. Additionally, since the network is cloud-based, data can be obtained from any location with an internet connection, greatly reducing the possibility of data loss.

Workload reduction

The school ERP software’s leave management feature can significantly lessen the staff’s work radically, leaving HR departments to handle requests. They must decide whether to approve or deny a leave of absence. In comparison, implementing a leave management system begins with entering the necessary leave rules and regulations. Students and teachers can submit leave requests using their unique logins. The automated system processes the leaves in detailed instructions and sends an SMS or Push Notification to the teacher or student to indicate approval or denial.


The system permits the disclosure of leave information in each portal. The data includes the number of leaves used, the number of leaves accessible, etc. Additionally, this can assist in preserving the openness of the leave management system, restricting any form of partiality or favoritism on the part of the HR Team. This open system also guarantees that teachers and students can plan more effectively because they can see their available leaves.


The attendance management system keeps a record of the teacher’s current availability. Management can make alternate plans for the class without disrupting the schedule if they know a teacher’s absence on a specific day in advance.

Automatic Salary Management

The leave management system, powered by biometrics, can assist in tracking staff and teacher attendance. The system can automatically deduct salary based on the number of leaves taken. Notifications can be used to communicate information to employees.

Effective Administration of Leave

By implementing an effective student information system, you can concentrate on raising educational standards and achieving desired academic goals within predetermined budget and time constraints. All stakeholders—students, teachers, staff, directors, and parents—come out on top in the end, which may be the best outcome for the school administration.


A reliable and perfect leave management system is essential for smoothly managing school operations. The cutting-edge School ERP System from eduTinker, furnished with top-notch software and cloud-based servers, guarantees the smooth operation of your educational system. Our knowledgeable tech support team is available around-the-clock to answer your questions. For more information, please visit our website https://edutinker.com/