Why are Tech Enabled Classrooms Better Then Physical Classrooms?


There is no one in the world, who has not been impacted in some ways by ongoing pandemic circumstances. Stress & Anxiety related to employment woes and sickness & the horrific end of human life almost have disrupted the way we use to think & live. Tech Enabled Classrooms have come into light.

All is not bad, however, as someone once has told me, an exit on one side is an entry if looked from another side, and in the same way, the situation had allowed us to look for a shining light amid grips of darkness. We saw that sitting at home means we wanted a way out, and while pre-COVID there was no need for us to be online other than some entertainment & connecting beyond the borders, the COVID crisis pushed us to look at the use of the Internet beyond traditional ways.

Tech Enabled Classroom Vs. Physical Classroom

Look at the education scenarios in the world these days, for example, The one thing that comes to mind when we talk about education is pen and paper, but today, everything is being done online, studies, use of reading material, even unit tests.

Who had thought education could be paperless one day? But here we are, doing it digitally, learning every day, moving with technology. We still read books, we even write notes, the only difference being, earlier, i.e. before the COVID 19 pandemic, online education was not so relevant, but today it is the only way we can think of study unless we want to risk our lives.

The current infrastructure of schools is not compatible to handle our learning population following social distancing; it is almost impossible to imagine kids following precautions when even adults in India sometimes behave irresponsibly.

Online study is for one very good for saving the environment as it avoids excessive usage of papers, pens, and other stationary stuff but also with the use of different applications those are helping in this endeavour means we understand technology by being more close to it. Not to mention, the cost of infrastructure and maintenance it saves for everyone involved if done well.

The flexibility of timing is one of the most significant advantages of Tech Enabled Classrooms as teachers and students both can do multitasking while learning or teaching online, for example, time management is easy & quick by smart use of the calendar, no worries in parents mind about their kids travelling by unfit school buses and unsafe Indian roads, lots of knowledge at fingertips comes handy when solving online assignments, etc.
Convenience is another advantage of online education. Edutech classes are convenient in many ways such as location, timing, data distribution,

Immediate assessment and results are yet another advantage to online classes. In certain cases like MCQs, True False, GRWs, etc. the results are evaluated immediately. Additionally, the teachers may not have to go through
multiple copies to grade tests if a suitable application is used, which is beneficial for both teachers as well as students in a way that both saves time & helps in the proper evaluation of pupils.

Edutech classes are the need of the hour and soon might be an ongoing process in our daily lives. Pandemic or not, we should get used to the best practices that can help us all make the best out of our own capabilities. Imagine a standard phone vs smartphone (and that is how we can look at regular class vs class enabled with technology.

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