What is eduTinker?

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It is a collaborative, intuitive online class management tool. Is this what the product is all about? Read to know everything about the online teaching application here!

Lately, due to Covid-19, everyone performed jobs from home using various online applications. Physical movement from one place to the other had come to a standstill due to the worsening situation of pandemic attack. Similar to other activities, education too went online. We also saw how institutions were prompt to avoid delaying events like exam dates and decided to conduct them online as per the schedule. Teachers started interacting with students via Zoom or WhatsApp call.  

However, something was missing in all of this. It was a systematic approach and a dedicated platform where stakeholders could continue activities smoothly. Challenges such as circulating course material, student assessment, planning the online class duration, optimum screen time, maintaining continuous communication with the students and their parents came to the foray. These issues were hindering the process because stakeholders were either using the wrong tool or using too many tools that created unnecessary confusion. 

As time passed by, both teachers and school administrators started to understand the value of using education technology that is designed for the purpose and is user friendly.  eduTinker is one such software developed by taking the feedback from principals and teachers from various countries to manage online classes hassle-free and connect all the education stakeholders- the administrators, the teachers, students, and their parents for the smooth delivery of education.

So what is eduTinker? What elements of this software make it a standout tool in the market? Let us dive deep to answer these questions to help you make a better decision for your institution.

eduTinker: One on one Classroom Management Tool

The product is a trusted application developed for all the school administrators, teachers, independent course trainers, and coaching institutes. It helps one manage classes online and engage students. Further, essential interconnected activities such as- creation of assignments and its distribution among students, communication via chat, announcements, and video calls with students, notifying students of class schedules, sending timely notifications to students, or answering their queries can be effectively performed on the same platform.

eduTinker: The Intuitive Online Teaching Software

Conducting online classes for teachers is easier said than done. A teacher cannot understand if all the students present in the online class session are concentrating on the lesson taught by them. Creating the right kind of classroom environment in the virtual space thus holds importance. Teachers can bring the same physical classroom-like experience into online class teaching on eduTinker by using tools such as interactive whiteboard, sharing and showcasing course materials, and playing a video in between lectures.

Salient features 

Unified Communication Platform

eduTinker is a complete classroom management toolkit, helping teachers and administrators make online classes lively, interactive, and human for the students. It connects all the stakeholders of education in one platform. The tool helps the teachers create online classes on the platform, add students for a one on one session or regular classes, answer student or parent queries, and notify one of the important events.

Manage Class Timings

The tool takes away the ordeal to manage class timings or set an alert for the overall class session for the day or entire week. It allows teachers to manage their time efficiently throughout the day and avoid missing out on any class or other activity scheduled for the day.

With the tool, one can schedule a class time table on the go, complete visibility of students and teachers, weekly schedule, class, and course notifications.

Create and Distribute Assignments

Beyond classroom sessions, a teacher needs to create assignments, monitor the submission patterns, check the submitted works, and provide timely feedback to the students. These tasks are as important as taking regular classes. On eduTinker, managing such tasks becomes a lot easier as there are specialized tools for the respective activity.  

Share class materials

Before starting a class or after explaining the lessons, a teacher can share materials for better lesson understanding or project work in the individual class groups created by the teacher on the platform. This helps in better learning outcomes as well as prepares the student well for the class.

Automated Attendance

Lastly, maintaining the daily attendance sheet and keeping a tap on the participation of students can be tedious. eduTinker simplifies the task of the teachers by helping them make use of the automated attendance tool to track the attendance of the students. Using the same feature, teachers can also get overall attendance reports or send a real-time notification to the absentees.

eduTinker: A Reliable Software for Online Class Management

There are many software and applications available in the App store to manage online classes, but eduTinker grabs a fair share of attention towards it. This is mainly because the software contains all the prime features and offers ease of application. Test it for yourself.

The software covers maximum features essential to manage online classes in one platform that users may have to otherwise find in different tools. It cuts down confusion and saves the institutions time and cost considerably. Download and log in to the secure application today to get started.

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