Data Analytics in a School Management Software

Data Analytics


Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to make conclusions. Any data can be submitted to data analytics techniques to gain insight on how to improve things. Data analytics techniques can discover trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in the sea of data. Utilizing this data, institutions, businesses, and systems can raise their overall efficiency.


Data analytics allows educational institutions to make faster and more informed decisions based on data acquired – whether it’s about operations, academic performance, or even finances. Furthermore, this enables the growth of a culture based on clear facts and specific strategies rather than obsolete thinking or guesswork. 

Importance of Data Analytics for Schools


Consider educational data to be a machine that uses the information to aid in the educational process, producing outputs such as progress, success, and achievement. The parent, teacher, student and administration provide significant inputs that influence data use. These data could be analyzed and could be helpful in various ways. Below are some examples: 


  • Analysis of student data enables teachers to gain more insight into a student’s learning skills and obstacles and facilitates a culturally established process that employs specific inputs to produce optimal results. 

  • Specific data inputs can range from instructor qualifications to student demographics, with specific data outputs including attendance, grades, assessment scores, and graduation rates.

  • When data is evaluated correctly, it can be used to identify specific student requirements and differentiate education tactics.


Challenges faced by Schools (Regularly):


Data analytics for educational institutes comes in the form of a School Management System with built-in data analytics and dashboards to give you a detailed, easy-to-understand report on the entire school/school’s operations and performance. A school that doesn’t have such management software faces challenges like: 


  • Lack of a single source of true performance indicator

  • Manual work consumes valuable teaching time

  • Inability to combine external and internal assessments

  • Finding specific areas for improvement difficult

  • No real-time analysis to make timely decisions

  • No data-driven inspection preparation

  • No 360-degree overview of academic and non-academic student data


A school management system designed to provide better management strategies to educational institutions can effectively address all of the challenges mentioned above.  


Now let us see how data analytics in school management software will benefit your institution: 


School management systems should include a mix of new features to provide a more developed education system for everyone involved with incorporating data analytics into school management. The following are some of the ways it does so:


For Teachers: Teachers will be able to provide specific feedback to each student participating. This feedback will help determine the best teaching method for the students. Such individualized instruction will aid in bringing out the best in the students involved.


For Students: The students are the most important consideration for any educational institution. Student performance will be analyzed by an objective source, allowing predictive data to engage the teachers, thanks to data analytics in your school management software. Teachers will be able to better understand each student’s strengths and limitations due to this. As a result, the students involved can benefit from a more individualized learning experience.


For Administration: Using data analytics in conjunction with school management software will make the administration’s traditionally tricky task much easier to manage. The school management has already benefited the administration by enabling them to organize their interaction with the department heads in different areas, including, for example, the finance office or the transportation office. Suppose data analytics is incorporated into the process. In that case, the administration will receive extensive input on each department and procedure, allowing them to address any issues and ultimately improve the institution’s operations. 


The Management: Management will be given a bird-eye view of each department, focusing on the problems. As a result, they will be able to be proactive and work toward a completely problem-free institution. It will enable the university to provide the students with a complete learning environment.


The integration of data analytics and education is widely believed to be the future of education. Your institution will inevitably become frictionless in every way conceivable once an objective source provides input that allows you to enhance it. So, what are you thinking of? Switch to eduTinker’s school management software to enjoy the benefits like:


  • Student Performance Dashboard – Get a quick overview of student level analytics on the go. 

  • Fee Management- Get an insight into paid fees and pending payments, and notify students about the unsettled fee amount. Effortlessly manage fees on a single platform.

  • Admission Management- Track admission enquiries, manage admission, customize admission forms & verify documents digitally, all in one place. 

  • Transport Management- Using our platform, you can plan and control your complete transportation operation to ensure maximum student safety and much more…


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