How To Teach Online

The COVID-pandemic era threw the world into a zone of unknowns. Among many unknowns was the transition needed for the education sector- the technological shift. It became mandatory for educational institutions to ramp themselves up for online teaching mode to continue providing services to students. 

Many institutions took lesser time to make this transition, while others are still coping with the problem caused by the absence of suitable IT infrastructure. Many coaching and individual tutored classes also suffered the same brunt.

In this article, we learn about the fundamental questions of how to teach online. Various platforms that help in the process are- 

1. YouTube– Open platforms like YouTube provide opportunities to educate on any subject matter to various audiences. They are generally conducted free of cost.

2. Video Conference– Many people also choose video conference as a convenient teaching mode, as it can be easily done by phone with a good internet connection. Platforms like Zoom and Skype also help to conduct classes.

3. Education Portals– Many education services have recently propped up to give budding educators a platform to provide services as per the demand. Few courses require payment, and others are free to provide a trial version to the students.

While online teaching is still developing, it has many advantages to offer. It includes- saving costs on commutation, School Management System, reducing the operational cost of teaching infrastructure, the work environment in the comforts of one’s home, and teaching a larger number of students compared to offline classes generating more value.