IIIT or Indian Institute of Information Technology is a group of 26 interdisciplinary technology-based engineering research institutions in India, which are focused on technology. IIIT focuses on offering technical education in Communication Studies as well as Information Technology. There are a total of 25 established IIITs in various cities in India, five of which are established, Admission Management, funded, and managed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development

The main focus of IIIT is on courses related to Information Technology, but they also offer education on other courses as well. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Human Resource Development to manage and provide funding to these institutes. Getting into IIIT requires a lot of dedication, hard work, commitment as well as passion. However, there are certain eligibility requirements for IIIT.

IIIT is a dream for students all over India. To crack JEE and get accepted in any of the IIIT branches be it in Hyderabad, Lucknow, Delhi, or Kota. The competition is throat-to-throat and the number of seats in each of the branches is really less as they go forward with the most potential among the lot. IIIT in the future can be extremely beneficial for students in the future as getting jobs at respectable places will be just a piece of cake for them!