Online Education

The term “online education” refers to education delivered via the internet. This sort of education is also termed e-learning. Students are educated through the use of technology in online education. It is done with PCs, laptops, or smartphones and a high-speed internet connection. When traditional learning becomes impractical, schools and universities turn to online education.

Online education has several advantages, including attending class whenever convenient for you. A student can choose when and where to study. E-learning is engaging because of the tools and strategies available. Trainers use Audio-visual tools to engage all students. Both live and pre-recorded classes are available. Students have the option of selecting from millions of online courses. They are free to choose their topic.

Tools like Learning Management System(LMS) help teachers conduct effective online classes. This type of tool is powered by software that has many features like live class, recorded class libraries, a whiteboard for teachers to write, in-built quizzes and polls, and much more.