Role of Online Learning in the Professional Development of Teachers

Online Learning

Online learning provides an opportunity for the teacher to come in contact with the material and resources from top universities, research papers, and fellow colleagues to advance more in the teaching field. With the globalisation of today’s world, people can professionally connect to anyone in any part of the world, which gives them an immense opportunity to learn from each other. Gone are those days when physical resource materials like books were the only source of knowledge. These days people share the best of learning with each other via social media platforms, online learning sites, and much more. School management systems have emerged where the school management can update the latest resources and study materials to improve teacher’s skills.

How is it beneficial for their professional development?

Building connections:

Through online learning, teachers are able to build connections with other people worldwide and maintain an exchange relationships with them. Through constant touch, they remain updated on any changes in some other part of the world, the best teaching practice, and much more. Say, a university teacher in India can easily connect with a university teacher with expertise in the same subject in the United States through a job portal or online learning medium. Here, they can know about each other’s development, their job needs, and best practices for the best result in the subject. This is how connections help them become better at their job every passing day.  

Updated knowledge:

Generally, teachers have a very hectic schedule due to their professional commitment. Somehow, their role does not end as the class ends. Students can contact them anytime regarding their doubts, which is one of the reasons they don’t find much time to update their existing knowledge set. This makes them more stagnant and non-receptive, as they do not have much space to accommodate the views of students or someone else. With continuous learning, they have an updated knowledge base which helps them in professional development.

Increased teacher retention:

 As the online learning system helps the teacher to build more of their content and regularly update their level based on their current trends, the satisfaction of passing the same to students and leveling up increases. This also ensures job retention as most of the courses are generally financed by the institutions they work in. This is beneficial for teachers as well as the institutions they work in as their professional growth progresses. Many courses for teachers are free on video streaming sites and online learning sites, and the teachers can take them up at their own convenience for upskilling.

Accessibility of resources:

The accessibility of the resource is one of the advantages of online learning. Not only can teachers take up the course, but they can also save the related and supplementary material required for the course and download it to read it at their own convenience. 

It also helps them consult these resources at a later period of time too. People sharing the educational material on various professional platforms use various tools like tagging relevant people who might find that content worthy, saving it for a later period, editing, commenting, and sharing them as and when needed. This accessibility is again beneficial to help teachers grow their professional community and networking skills.

With more and more emphasis on e-learning activities and schools blending their physical infrastructure with virtual infrastructure, teachers must start adapting to these changes and make it a part of their system. This will, in turn, help them improve better in their job and as a professional. They can impart similar teaching to the students and implement best practices from other parts of the globe in their own place, making the learning more immersive in their class.

The teacher can access this learning at their own time and place, making it absolutely hassle-free to learn new things. The blended approach of a different kind of learning has shown to improve the students’ performance already, and it is expected that it will yield the best results for the teachers too. They become digitally advanced and, in turn, make the best use of tools bestowed to them like school management systems, analytics, and much more.

In the era of continuous growth and development, online learning has brought another ray of hope for the community of teachers who will benefit greatly from them, helping them more in professional advancement.

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