5 School Management Modules to Strengthen Your School Community

Education management

A school management system is an information management system for educational institutions to manage school data. It helps the administration to get information faster, and more accessible and reduces their workload. 

Student databases in school management systems contain information about the students, such as their exam grades, parent information, medical history, tuition fees, etc.

School management systems provide skills such as student registration, class documents, grades, analytical grades for students, and other assessment elements. In addition, school management systems are used to plan the curriculum of students, record their presence and manage the needs of students in the school.

School management solutions are web and mobile-based applications with centralized data storage structures that make it easier for administrators, students, teachers, and parents to access data.

School Management modules

School management encompasses all the processes and procedures that keep a school running smoothly. While there are many different aspects of school management, here are seven key modules essential to any effective school management system to help strengthen your school community. These modules are:

Student Information Management

As the name suggests, the student module helps educational institutes to manage all the data regarding students in one place and it includes all details about his/her admission, general, demographic, communication, family, health, documents, and all images from the period he enrolled in school till he passes out.

In addition, admission is also covered in the student module which assigns the institute power to handle all admission inquiries whether it is offline or online, institutes can also define their own criteria for admission and software helps to sort out numerous applications based on merit with just a single click.

Class attendance is also managed effectively with the quick present entry functionality of the student management system, and auto alerts can be sent to parents of absentees. All types of educational certificates like bonafide, leaving, character, etc can be generated from software in no time.

Teacher Information Management

Teacher information management is just as important as the module listed above. It does differ from the student information management system as the type of information you need from teachers differs from students. Here is what you should have on file for each teacher:

– Basic Personal Information

– Qualifications and Certificates

– Employment History

– Curriculum Vitae

– Student Teaching Evaluations

In order to make sure that your teacher information management system is effective, you need to make sure that it is easy for teachers to update their information and that it is accessible to all school administrators.

Finance Management module

In the finance module, educational institutes can manage all activities regarding fees, deposits, scholarships, accounts or any other financial transaction that are performed. Schools can assign fees to students and generate fee receipts according to it, colleges can manage deposits made by students and adjust it while maintaining records virtually on School fee management software.

Accounts can be managed from this module just like tally accounting software. Moreover, account mapping and fee posting facilities are provided in the module which creates voucher entry automatically with one click, however, this facility is given by only a few school ERP solution providers so make sure while choosing software for your campus.

Assessment Management module

This module is most important relative to other modules we discussed as it manages the examination activities carried out on campuses and generates mark sheets for the same. Although different states have their own state board format and pattern to conduct exams and generate mark sheets, and report cards. So this can vary from state to state but schools affiliated with any national or international educational board such as CBSE, ICSE, etc., can get immense benefits from this, as Co-scholastic and CCE reports can be generated from the campus ERP software. Marksheet and progress report analysis can also be done, in order to evaluate the performance of students.

In addition, the E-exam can also be arranged with this assessment module, so make sure that your school Management software’s assessment module performs all these functions perfectly if not will advise you to look out for other options.

Transport Management Module

School transportation management offers students on-time, responsive, safe, and comfortable transportation where visibility into the transportation services is also provided. 

A transport management system can keep track of transportation vehicles, including their locations, statuses, upcoming trips, or canceled trips. The system can provide live updates to waiting students, and can even guide transport vehicles if there is a potential re-route or temporary stopping of services because of an unexpected disruption such as a riot. 

  • Get updates on bus location 
  • Identify points of boarding and alighting 
  • Collection of transport fees 
  • Alerts and notifications 
  • Attendance 


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