How to use school ERP to enhance teaching experience

How to use school ERP

A School ERP is a software used by any school to manage their day-to-day academic & administrative tasks automatically. The software automates manual tasks and helps educational institutions manage their operations effectively. From communicating with the students’ parents in real-time to providing homework notifications, managing attendance, and tracking the bus location, a school ERP allows the schools to function seamlessly and fulfills all the basic needs of an institute.

The ERP for schools can be accessed irrespective of time and place. It facilitates the teachers by providing all the information of the students. Teachers only need the login credentials for their respective school ERP. They need not spend time looking for teaching materials. 

Advanced ERPs for schools enable teachers to access ready-made lesson plans, high-quality audio-visual content, student reports, etc. all in one place.

Improved Productivity

Gone are the days when teachers used to maintain multiple registers and enter data manually. With the adoption of ERP for schools, teachers need to spend less time working on manual and administrative tasks. They can now use the time saved on more critical teaching tasks. For example, taking attendance, assigning homework, sending notices to parents, etc. can be easily automated using ERP for schools.

Increased Teacher-Student Collaboration

ERP for schools enhances teacher-student collaboration. It ensures that student-teacher interaction is not only limited to the classroom but extends beyond the classroom. The interaction happens over apps connected to the ERP for school software where teachers are available to clear doubts and queries. This brings up a friendly environment for students. As a result, students don’t feel shy to raise doubts and questions and their queries are resolved immediately.

Reduced Workload

ERP for schools ensures that the staff won’t be overburdened with redundant and manual work. Teachers won’t be wasting their time visiting different departments. They can access all the information they need via the apps. In case they need to check homework, the ERP for schools can check most homework based on the answer key provided. The app can also send automatic reminders to students who have not submitted their assignments or homework.

Continuous training and development

With ERP for schools that are fully integrated, teachers need not worry about upskilling themselves. ERP for schools come with teacher training modules that help them with a variety of topics and courses for teachers. E.g teachers can learn more about classroom management, improving the cognitive skills of children, digital teaching and more using these modules. School owners can keep track of the learning progress and achievements of their teachers using the app dedicated to them.

Student Behaviour Tracking & Analytics

A School ERP software not only helps in archiving students’ data but also provides insight and analytical reports about their performance, attendance, and other metrics. Data entry of everyday activity at an educational institute can be done via school ERP software. Starting from a student’s entry into the school, and tasks taken up by them, until the final bell rings, everything finds a place in the software.

So, if a student is absent, it will be recorded. Marks scored in a test or exam will be updated. Behavior in the class with other students and teachers will also form part of it. And on the basis of all the data recorded, an analysis can be done regarding each student’s growth.

Collaborate Beyond Classrooms

A school ERP software facilitates web-based interactive communication. This can help students stay connected with their classmates and enjoy learning together. For instance, there are institutions where student exchange programs take place, helping them overcome their financial and academic barriers to achieve a better education. But, not every student gets to be a part of it. However, school ERP software takes learning beyond the classroom and allows students to interact with others sitting on the other side of the world and exchange ideas.

School management software promotes collaborative learning as well. Interactive sessions including debates, problem-solving, and project discussion, can be carried on outside the classroom via web-based learning technologies.

Learn From Your Favorite Subject Teacher

School ERP software helps hold and manage data related to everyone who is a part of the school, i.e., teachers, students, and the administrative staff.

Just like a teacher needs to monitor the learning of his or her students, similarly, students need to stay in touch with their teachers. A good school management software ensures better teacher-student communication even after classroom hours. Students can connect with their teacher directly at an online discussion forum to ask any query or learn new concepts.

Analytical And Real-Time Feedback 

Students claim a lack of adequate, timely feedback hinders their learning experience. Students typically would have to wait until the end of the term to get a report on their performance in the classroom.

With school ERP software, the students no longer have to wait for the school report. The teachers can provide real-time feedback after every assessment. This will not only serve to encourage and motivate the learners, but it will also give the teachers an in-depth understanding of a student’s learning curve.

For instance, if the student is unable to grasp a topic and struggling to understand the same, the teacher can understand the same after looking at the student’s performance in class. Armed with this feedback, the teacher can focus on the student and give him the immediate help needed to excel in the subject. 


In today’s automated era, educational institutions need to operate with updated technology. The incorporation of the ERP for schools is highly beneficial for all school stakeholders. It benefits school owners in ensuring an efficient and smooth administration, teachers can focus on their core teaching tasks and improve teaching effectiveness, students can get high-quality education and parents become an integral part of their child’s learning progress.

If your school is struggling with the manual way of managing school administration, then it’s high time that you take a step forward and look up a software that can suit your school perfectly. Contact us to get a demo for your school edutinker.com