15 Frequently Asked Questions on School Management System

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If you are looking for the best school management system then you are on the right track. A school ERP is a software application that helps to convert the traditional method into an online mode so that the daily tasks of the school get completed on time without much paperwork. It provides user ids to teachers, parents, students, principals, administrators, and managers of the school. These users (who have ids) can access the school ERP from any device through the internet. A reliable school ERP can add a lot of value to the school by producing different reports that can save the time of teachers and administrators can help you to take better and faster decisions. Given below are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) in School ERP, keep reading and understand how school management software helps in improving your institute’s productivity:

Q.1. What is school management software? 

It is a set of tools and functions that help different stakeholders of your school to reduce their workloads and improve their efficiency. These features of the software for school management assist them to offer better efficiency and higher productivity to the whole school. It also helps in improving the education quality for every student providing them more flexibility to study on their own time with a higher understanding of every topic.

Q.2. What is the need for school management software in schools? 

School management software is what every school needs in today’s scenario. To remain in the competition, even schools adopt the best practices to keep their reputation in the market. Due to school management software, the school administration or the parents can keep an eye on the school vehicles, get the progress reports, increase teacher productivity in the classroom, and even start virtual classrooms, if needed.

Q.3. Does an ERP provide error-free data, reports, and information? 

The main concern of ERP is to produce data, reports, and information to be error-free. During and after the development of the school ERP software, the software goes through numerous quality assurance tests to certify that the reports and data outputs are error-free. 

Q.4. What should be the criteria to choose the best school ERP system? 

There are many options available in the market. Making it tough to decide which is the best ERP system for a school. The significant factors to consider before taking this big step are if the system has – data hosting, backup and restoration, data security, technical support, easy user interface, terms of payment, the clause of data confidentiality, and authorization of SMS before sending.

Q.5. What changes does a school ERP make? 

School management software escalates overall productivity and efficiency by holding the information regarding all employees and students kept in one place. It keeps the school more systematized and independent. All the work is done on online mode, so there is no space left for error, and it saves costs, time, and energy.

Q.6. Why should one choose EDUTINKER? 

EDUTINKER school management software is a secure, simple, and easily upgradeable software that keeps your institute at the top with its numerous features for more than ten profiles according to one’s need. The profile includes teachers, librarians, school administration, students, parents, warden, HOD, accountant, sports teacher, receptionist, and driver. Apart from that, EDUTINKER offers support to the client so that no queries remain unanswered. 

Q.7. How does school ERP software manage staff payroll? 

In ERP, data of all teaching and non-teaching staff is uploaded on the software, which makes it very easy to generate salary reports and receipts. All the calculations are done online, thus reducing the manual errors in the salary slips. School ERP systems have also secured the procedure of producing salaries for the employees since preserving such delicate information on paper could be risky.

Q.8. Does school management software conduct, online classes? 

Yes, online classes can be conducted effortlessly on a school ERP system. The pandemic especially took a turn on education and schooling, and consequently mold teaching into online mode. It was hard at first, but with the help of the best school ERP system, online classes were made easy and effective for teachers and students.

Q.9. Will the teachers or the school staff need to visit the school to access any information or feed data into the ERP system? 

No, teachers and school staff can access any information of the school ERP and feed data from their homes only. This whole procedure requires only a computer with a good internet connection.

Q.10. Is it safe to upload the users’ data onto a school ERP system when hosted on the cloud? 

Yes, it is safe to upload the users’ data onto a school ERP system even while it is hosted on the cloud. A strong-minded hacker can access the data even when it is hosted on the school ERP on your school premises. Cloud hosting can guarantee better security as there are data from several schools hosted on the same server.

Q.11. Do parents get benefited from school management ERP software? 

A school ERP software permits the teachers and accountants to fill in all data regarding the student’s results, behavior, fees, progress, and complete report via numerous modules. The ERP software directly alerts the parents via messages and emails. 

Q.12. In what manner teachers get benefited from school management ERP software? 

School ERP software reduces the time spent on daily tasks like taking attendance and planning the timetable. It helps teachers to keep an eye on every student’s growth as well as shortcomings. The assigning of assignments to the students and uploading all reading material and resources becomes so easy for teachers with the help of ERP software.

Q.13. Can ERP software also track student transportation? 

Yes, ERP software can also track student transportation which provides relief to parents. It sends a quick notification to parents about their children using the GPS tracking system. Parents can watch the live location of their kids.

Q.14. Who can have access to school ERP software? 

All teaching and non-teaching staff (IT, administration, HR), students, and parents can have access to all attendance, updates, teaching material, curriculum, and overall reports. The whole information can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Q.15. What is Edutinker School ERP, and how it is different from other ERPs? 

Edutinker ERP Software offers user-friendly dashboards with login access for students, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, and management personnel of your institution. There are numerous modules offered in Edutinker school ERP which streamline all the processes of your educational institution. 


Choosing the precise and best school management software for your school is as significant as parents choosing the right school for their children. Most importantly, the learning management system should be able to advance the quality of education for the students. We have answered the 15 most frequently asked questions about school management software to assist you in reducing some workload by choosing the right software for your institute. For more understanding of all the features that Edutinker has to offer, connect with us today at our website, https://edutinker.com/.