Detailed syllabus for Language II Paper

(A) Hindi Langauge

1. The given grammatical questions are based on an unread passage:-

Character thoughts, word knowledge, character analysis, similar, similar, indigenous, foreign words. Pair words, prefixes, suffixes, conjunctions, synapses, adjectives, writing words in lexical order, verbs, writing in the standard form of words, words, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, genders, and tenses.

2. Questions on the given below points based on an unread passage

Sound Beauty, Bhava Beauty, Thought Beauty, Life Vision, Craft Beauty

3. Sentence structure, parts of sentences, idioms, differences of sentences, phrases, and proverbs. Meaning and usage of Rajasthani idioms, punctuation marks, punctuation marks

4. Development of linguistic proficiency, language teaching methods, and approaches to language teaching.

5. Development of linguistic skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) teaching learning materials – textbooks, multimedia, and other teaching resources.

6. Evaluation in language teaching, (listening, speaking, reading, writing) holistic and continuous evaluation, formulation of achievement tests, remedial teaching.

(B) English Langauge

1. Unseen Prose Passage: Subject-Verb Concord, Linking Devices, Inferences

2. Unseen Poem: Simile, Identification of Alliteration, Assonance, Metaphor Personification, Rhyme

3. Common Idioms, and Phrases, Modal Auxiliaries, Literary Terms: Short Story, Elegy, Sonnet, Drama

4. Basic knowledge of English Sounds and their Phonetic Transcription

5. Communicative Approach to English Language Teaching, Principles of Teaching English, School Analytics, Challenges of Teaching English: Language Difficulties( role of home language multilingualism)

6. Methods of Evaluation, Remedial Teaching