School Management Software to Improve your School’s Efficiency

School Management Software

Every school is striving for perfection in this period and to achieve this reliable and great school management software os required. Due to the pandemic, schools are forced to shut down, and the level of education is decreasing badly to handle management issues, this school management software is used for the smooth working of school management work.

Some schools were using this software before the pandemic as this educator’s technology has remarkable functionalities and features that make the workload less. If your school is also striving for efficiency and searching for the best school management software, then Edutinker is a learning management platform where you can find answers to all your questions. 

With the power of automation, our software lets schools perform various tasks such as keeping track of students’ attendance, generating report cards with a single click, and much more. It is made from the parent’s perspective, also so that they can keep track of their kids’ activity. The school management system also replaces the traditional method of recording things consequently. It reduces the paperwork and the time period with a higher rate of accuracy and speed. 

Some features of School Management Software 

Different modules of school management software help various departments. The software also unifies various school departments. It contains functions that accountants, administrators, registrars, and office managers can have at any time of the day and from anywhere around the globe. Mentioned below are some of the standard modules or features in school management software that improves your school’s system efficiency:

  • Attendance & leave management: This module generally maintains student attendance using their ID cards, biometrics, or registration number. It tracks all the day-to-day activities like the entry and exit of teachers. Leaves for teachers, students, and other staff members.
  • Campus management: This module advances workflow by automating monotonous tasks. It also allows you to manage school administration, control security and visitors, create gate passes, and list all prime appointments according to priority.
  • Examination management: The module calculates exam eligibility, assigns classrooms, generates question papers, evaluates the scores obtained by students, and generates reports.
  • Faculty management: This module helps assign classes to teachers, schedule their timetables, and aid faculties in creating lesson plans. It keeps track of their attendance and allows the transfer of data between teachers smoothly.
  • Fee management and payroll: This module is created for fee planning, categorizes students under fee plans, generating reports, fee receipts, etc. It keeps a record of each and every transaction of online fees and conveys regular messages regarding late payments, due fees, etc.
  • Staff Payroll management: This module helps keep a record of the salary of teaching and non-teaching staff. In addition, it handles the management of reimbursements, payroll calculation, tax deduction, generation of payslips, etc.
  • Student management: This module provides ample information about students- from admission to their present status. It may include databases like guardian and family data, their profiles, photographs, reports, etc.
  • School Information Management: This software assists schools in managing admissions, generating and allocating exam admit cards, separating classrooms, student registrations, etc., by calculating the number of faculties required, students, and classrooms.

School management software also offers many other modules than those mentioned above for managing human resources, library, and inventory. You can find features like management for parents, subjects, notifications, users, promotions, notice boards, results, reports, and development cards.

Final Thoughts

Edutinker’s school management software is a robust system that empowers schools to go paperless and streamline tedious administrative tasks on a single platform by delivering automation on time. Edutinker’s learning management is one such software that has been schemed and developed to conform to all the requirements of diverse schools. Our school management system software is powered by cloud computing and equipped with the newest technologies such as data analysis and machine learning, which makes it one of the most preferred and reliable school management systems in the whole country. 

Our hardworking support team is always there to solve all sorts of inquiries and leave no stone unturned to discover the best solutions in a short time. Our comprehensive product and flawless services make many schools connected with us today. High speed, incomparable accuracy, best security, and a vast array of outstanding features and modules make Edutinker an ideal school management software

We have covered all the essential things that you and your school are looking for in your school management system. Put forward your requirements, and we shall offer you a system that is not only fast but consistent too and can help you plan a plethora of school administrative events and tasks in a fraction of time. For more such queries, connect with us today at our website .